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Deleting Brandon

20 Jun

Deleting Brandon Picture by Justine

More Brandon Generatorings…

Anti-Brandon slowly pressed his finger down on the ‘delete’ button, with a small smirk. Brandonfelt a huge force of energy around him before being completely surrounded by a blue rectangle. He didn’t know what it was. He almost didn’t know anything. He felt the blue force against his head. He felt it eat away at his mind. It sounded strange, but that’s exactly what it felt like. The force was taking over his body, and there wasn’t one tiny thing he could do about it.

 This was the end. He could feel it. He had no control over it. He soon accepted the fact that this was the end of his life. He immediately regretted the amount time he wasted. Life was precious and he wasted most of it drinking coffee and sitting doing nothing all day. He slowly felt his feet going numb. Anxiously, he looked down and to his horror he saw his feet slowly disintegrate. His whole body went numb. He slowly began to fade away. From afar, Anti-Brandon watched him, he watched him with a small smirk on his face. He was clearly enjoying this. He was enjoying the fact that he had won. Brandon had won the battle. But Anti-Brandon had won the war.

 Brandon burst into nothingness. There wasn’t anything anywhere. Nothing on the floor, the ceiling. Nothing. There wasn’t one bit of evidence that anything ever existed other than Anti-Brandon.


Brandon woke up confused. Nothing seemed right. It was almost like everything had disappeared without a trace. He looked at his computer, but nothing was there. Everything had disappeared. The messages on his phone, the drawing of the monsters and the story was gone. What was going on? It was like Brandon’s life had reset its self and started from the beginning…”

By Emily & Yasmin


Brandon Generator Episode: 2

28 May

This post is brought to you by: Cameron McG, Robert and Emily.

How will Brandon defeat his nemesis Caffiendo? Who is the girl who left the message on the phone? Who is Sergeant Kafenfumph? And what on earth does an owl have to do with all of this?

We continued our Brandon Generator adventures by watching episode 2 of Brandon Generator. We thought it was a great episode, or to use Cameron’s words  “it was epic!”  Some of us think that Brandon is trapped in a world inside his head, others believe he is dreaming or that he is in a new world of made of his creations.  The owl has had us all totally confused.

We have been writing what we think happens next, by writing stories and creating comic strips. We have very busy here at Learning Cloud HQ (secret location, can’t be confirmed).

A wee taster of our wonderful writing:

“It was the morning when Brandon awoke from his coffee induced coma. He was clearly dizzy, but not dizzy enough to avert his eyes from his computer screen which unusually had 109 pages rather than the normal 0. He suddenly noticed a faint flicker of orange light, he traced it to its source, it was his mobile phone.  The voice mail symbol was flashing, he listened to it, someone had left him a mysterious message… 

 He ran out of his rundown apartment and sprang into his car with one thought floating through his mind like fish in the sea; who sent the voicemail? And who wrote the pages on the computer? Did he write them himself? In his old car, that was as yellow as the sun on a summer’s day, he drove around town searching for a gas station for fuel, but on his journey he glanced at a shadowy figure running through the street and into an alley. Brandon paused in shock, was it she who had sent the message? As he arrived at the petrol station he saw the shadowy figure again. He thought he was hallucinating, a shiver of fear travelled down his spine.

 Later that night, he went into the street  for an evening stroll, the same shadowy figure reappeared and turned to approach him. Brandon dashed to get into the elevator to his apartment.  The figure wasn’t human it was coffee, pure coffee…”      Robert McD

“Brandon found himself faced with a hideous monster with small black beady eyes that could look into your soul and pull out your deepest secrets. The monster smelt strongly of coffee, his teeth had been rotted away from caffeine overload, his watery skin was a deep brown mud coffee colour.Brandoncould feel his heart beat and the blood stream through his ears. He felt sick, there was a lump in his throat the size of a tennis ball, he tried to swallow, but it just made him feel even more nauseous. His eyes started to water at the smell of coffee. Was this how he was going to die? Killed by the thing he had once loved so dearly?”  Niamh P

“Caffiendo’s hot breath grazed Brandon’s rough face. Caffiendo didn’t do anything, he simply stood there, his face –if you could call it a face- was about four centimetres away from Brandon’s. Brandon gazed up at him with terror. What was he meant to do? Everything was so clear, yet everything still felt so foggy. As if nothing existed. Although, Brandon was pretty sure this was happening. But then again, no one can be too sure of their surroundings, right? Brandon’s mind felt as if it was going crazy, he was questioning himself, he was thinking of the impossible. Surely he was dreaming? There was no acceptable reason for what was going on.” Emily & Yasmin

“The beast was before him, slobbering and steaming. All of a sudden, a loud rumble revealed a stampede of monsters streaming from his sketch pad led by one of the largest monsters. They ran forward towards the Caffiendo monster and began to drink…” Lewis M

” The monster was before his eyes he couldn’t believe what had happened. He thought fast before it was too late, then looked into the sky. What could he see? It was a huge owl flying above him. Surprised he kept looking at it and forgot all about the monster. Then all of a sudden, it grabbed him, he didn’t know what to do, he was hoping help would come he shouted “HELP ME!” Nobody came.

 Then all of a sudden the owl swooped down and grabbed him out of Caffiendo’s claws. Just as he was feeling relieved that it saved him, the owl dropped him down from high up in the sky and then he knew he was in trouble. What should he do? He closed his eyes and after a while he felt that he had stopped falling. Just before he touched the ground he opened his eyes and there was nothing there, he was confused, he was floating in the air. It was as if like something was holding him up. He dropped to the ground into what seemed like a puddle…” Skye M

“… but who was the man standing behind the beast?

“I am Sergeant Kafenfumph, I am here to kill you beast,” boomed a voice.

“You cannot kill me in my world,” growled the beast.

“Are you sure about that?” replied Kafenfumph. I am Sergeant Kafenfumph and the only person who can slay you… beast!” Lewis McG

More of our Magnificent Monsters…

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How will Brandon Defeat the Caffeinous Caffiendo?


More tomorrow!

Brandon Generator: Episode 1

21 May

We have been working on a class literacy project on The Random Adventures of Brandon Generator : an interactive online story and animated film that is driven by readers. The story is about Brandon Generator, a writer and comic book artist suffering from writer’s block who falls asleep and wakes up to find all his work has been done for him (a bit like the shoe-makers elves). The reader can help Brandon shape his story by leaving writing, drawings and voice messages in his virtual writer’s study.

In class we have created our own contributions to Brandon’s story by creating drawings, stories and podcasts. We have also had discussions on the process of writing, writer’s block, characterisation, setting and plot and made predictions on what we think will happen next.

An insight into some of our discussions…

How do you think the text got on Brandon’s computer?

“I think that a mysterious being from another world heard about Brandon’s writer’s block and came to help him.” Lewis M

“When he fell asleep he typed out the writing with his head.” Emily W

“A ghost of a coffee monster might have done it.” Mirren M

“Maybe his mum did it for him.” Lewis S “..or a friend.” Ryan P “..OR A GHOST!” Cameron McG

“I think he wrote it while he was sleeping.” Niamh P

On how to overcome writer’s block. Our top tips…

“Look for inspiration everywhere you go. Find things that interest you and use them.” Lewis M

“Ask people what they think makes and interesting story. Go for a drive. Doodle with reckless abandon, see what you come up with.” Yasmin M

“Have a nap (try to dream). Look out of a window.”

“1.Take a long walk, 2.listen to music, 3. read a book for ideas, 4. watch TV.” Niamh P

“Talk to people.” Mirren M

“Look at things around you. Think about your own life.” Kaitlyn B

“Don’t worry! Ask someone to help.” Emily W

“Pick some random words and try to put them in a sentence.” Aimee S

What do you think the creatures on Brandon’s notepad look like?

What do you think of Brandon as a character?

“I think Brandon is a very creative and deep person.” Yasmin McG

“I think he is looking a little ill, he has too much coffee.” Kaitlyn B

“He seems like a troubled person.” Justine L

“I think he’s a little bit crazy.” Cameron McG

What do you think of the Brandon Generator Project?

“I think it is good as you get to use your imagination.” Robert M

“I think it’s amazing.” Ross L “I like the interactive storyline.” Chloe O

“I like the story and the animation.” Niamh P “I think it’s a smart idea.” Emily W


Tune in next week to hear our voicemail and dictaphone podcasts 

Three Little Pigs v Big Bad Wolf

21 Mar

We have been writing our own news reports in class about the story of the three little pigs. Inspired by the latest advert by the Guardian newspaper, we set about finding the truth behind the Three Little Pigs v Big Bad Wolf case. It certainly caused quite a stir in the  P7 newsroom as we discussed who was to blame. We learned about journalism: note taking, bias, sources, editing and deadlines. Here are our some of our results… (more coming soon).

Look out for our exciting E-book of Alternative Fairytales available for sale shortly!

Niamh’s Report

Robert’s Report

Here is one of our favourite versions of the Three Little Pigs: