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Brandon Generator III

19 Jun

Today we watched Brandon Generator episode III. We really enjoyed it, especially the bits when Brandon drank Caffiendo with the straw and met ‘Anti Brandon’ his double. After watching it we discussed who the other Brandon could be and whether he existed at all. Mirren thought Brandon was still dreaming and that Brandon only dreamt that he woke up – a dream within a dream. Luke suggested that ‘Anti Brandon’ may be a some sort of ghoul that exists in a different realm, or an ‘astral projection’ of Brandon (Brandon is asleep and is travelling outside his body). This led on to talking about parallel universes and time travel until our heads hurt. Morning philosophical debate over, we got onto our computers and wrote Brandon an escape plan…

Episode Four: by Niamh P and Jay R

As Brandon stood before Anti Brandon he tried to think of a way to delete him from his mind…his life, but his mind was a blank. “With me dead could it give him life?” “Would he become the real Brandon?” pondered Brandon.

Anti Brandon clicked delete and zap he was gone, taken to a strange world. It was plain and white and Brandon had no idea where he was. All he knew was that he definitely wasn’t alone. He realised that he was surrounded by all his old ideas that he had dismissed with a blink of an eye – thinking who would want to read about a super rabbit who only eats lettuce? Or a superhero whose power is shooting gumballs out of his fingernails? Nobody that’s who.

Brandon realised where he was, he hadn’t been thrown out or deleted, just recycled. He was in the recycling bin on his desktop with all of his old ideas and all of the characters he had once spent ages creating, everything down to the smallest detail the small super bunny hopped in front of him “Who are you?” the bunny asked.

“I’m Brandon I’m the one who created all of you.” He couldn’t help but sound smug when he said it, he felt like God telling the people of earth that ‘yes, he had done all this in 7 days and still had time on Sunday to have dinner’…


Episode Four: by Abbie G

The Anti Brandon pressed Delete! Brandon’s mind was blank, he didn’t know what to do…He was so weak that he couldn’t move. He shouted and shouted, but no one could hear him. He tried to think of a way out of this horrible wave of life.

There was a knock at the door, the Anti Brandon walked silently to the green door and looked through the rusty peephole. It wast he girl. Anti Brandon didn’t want to answer, because the girl would know he was Brandon’s dark side and she would save Brandon from being deleted … 

Suddenly, the door swung open, the girl thought Brandon was acting very strangely. She knew something was badly wrong. She glanced at the computer screen it said ‘Brandon Deleting’, she saw a blue glow of light coming from the next room, she ran in and saw Brandon lying on the floor, quickly she ran to Anti Brandon and yelled, “what have you done to Brandon?”

She ran to the computer and tried to try to stop this virus trying to blank Brandon’s mind, but it wasn’t as easy as she thought it would be. She tried to stop it and then she got an idea she pressed ‘ undo’ just in time and Brandon was saved. But now they had to fight Anti Brandon and send him back where he came from.

They found out anti Brandon was from a world called Akachui. The only way to send people back to Akachui was to make them drink a mysterious drink. In this drink was werewolf blood, 3 red snails with the shells still on, 2 Brussel sprouts, 10 cat toe nails and monkey wee. So they locked up the house up the house with Anti Brandon inside and went and collected all the ingredients. When they got back to the house Anti Brandon was forced to drink this drink and within 2 minutes of him drinking this he was back where he belonged in Akachui.


Stay tuned, more from this talented bunch tomorrow.


Brandon vs. Caffiendo

29 May

Story developing today…  tune in tomorrow for even more of our stories and a little bird told us that Justine and Lewis M may even have a song up their sleeves! This Post is brought to you by Niamh, Emily & Yasmin.

“Caffiendo’s hot breath grazed Brandon’s rough face. Caffiendo didn’t do anything, he simply stood there, his face –if you could call it a face- was about four centimetres away from Brandon’s. Brandon gazed up at him with terror. What was he meant to do? Everything was so clear, yet everything still felt so foggy. As if nothing existed. Although, Brandon was pretty sure this was happening. But then again, no one can be too sure of their surroundings, right? Brandon’s mind felt as if it was going crazy, he was questioning himself, he was thinking of the impossible. Surely he was dreaming? There was no acceptable reason for what was going on.

Brandon was woken from his thoughts when a small bead of slobber dripped on his shoulder. He turned his head in disgust and wiped it away. His manner didn’t say so, but he was frightened. He couldn’t write himself out this one could he? Caffiendo opened his giant mouth as if he was going to devour him. Brandon’s mouth opened, but nothing came out, only a small whine from the very back of his throat. As if gravity had suddenly become stronger, he crouched down. As if that was going to stop the monster from eating him… He felt as if he was close to death. So very close. His last minutes were plain white. All he could see was white. Even with his eyes open. He scrunched his eyes closed and all he saw was darkness. Why was nothing happening? Why was the monster not eating him? It sounded silly, but that what was meant to happen, right? No.

 Brandon opened his eyes and he was in what seemed to be a completely different world. This world was made out of plain pencil drawings.  What was going on? ” Yasmin & Emily


“Brandon found himself faced with a hideous monster with small black beady eyes that could look into your soul and pull out your deepest secrets. The monster smelt strongly of coffee, his teeth had been rotted away from caffeine overload, his watery skin was a deep brown mud coffee colour. Brandon could feel his heart beat and the blood stream through his ears. He felt sick, there was a lump in his throat the size of a tennis ball, he tried to swallow, but it just made him feel even more nauseous. His eyes started to water at the smell of coffee. Was this how he was going to die? Killed by the thing he had once loved so dearly?”

Suddenly the monster collapsed, falling to the ground it started to howl as if in pain. Brandon was about to run, but found he couldn’t. He was intrigued to see what was happening to the monster. Slowly the monster was transforming into the pretty girl he had seen just a few minutes ago. The girl crumpled to the floor and started to sob. Brandon suddenly felt very awkward. He didn’t like being in this position when people cried especially when a pretty girl cried. Brandon shifted from one foot to another not sure what to do. “Um…who did this to you?” he stammered. The girl simply looked up, stared for a while, then replied, “you did last night… you created me… you created all this last night. You wrote it and it came true, you really don’t remember me?” Her eyes searched his face. Brandon thought how pretty her eyes were then realised the situation “What?! I couldn’t. I’m just a writer!”

The girl seemed unfazed by Brandon’s sudden outburst, she started talking to him really slowly as if he was a 7 year old. You thought up this whole world. We are the only people here! You woke up before you could write about anyone else…you spent hours creating this!” she blushed slightly clearly embarrassed. Brandon took it in slowly, now he really felt like a 7 year old. ” Niamh P


Celebrity Chickens

20 Apr

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Eight of our eggs have hatched and we now have eight chicks, 5 male and 3 female.  They spend most of the day falling asleep on their feet, when they aren’t sleeping they like to look out of the window or peck around for food. Their fame is certainly spreading, yesterday they were photographed for the Clydebank Post and today Real Radio visited to interview us – true celebrity chickens!