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Taking a break

3 Mar

Learning Cloud is currently taking a break.

In the meantime enjoy all the past Learning Cloud adventures.



Walking Bus Event

14 Jun


On Wednesday the whole school took part in the Giant Walking Bus Event in association with BRAKE the road safety charity.  The event was to raise awareness of the dangers of the road and the importance of road safety. Every class in the school made posters and placards and took part in a walk around our local area to make our community aware of the importance of road safety. We made posters to dissuade parents from parking in our school car park and parking on the zig-zags.  We also made up chants to say on our walk.

By Lucy & Lisa

James Watt Inspired Charcoals

14 Jun

This week we were exploring how to draw with charcoal. As a class we picked a James Watt painting we really liked a painting called Ardberg and sat together in the classroom to draw it using charcoal. We sat quietly and used our observation skills to draw it. I enjoyed using the charcoal and looking at the dark and light parts of the painting. My favourite part was copying the reflection on the water.

By Jodie C

‘See Us’ Book Presentation

14 Jun

IMG_1883 IMG_1888

We went to Street Level Photoworks Gallery in Glasgow on Monday. We  were attending a special book presentation event! We were there because of our work with the George Wyllie Project and Daria was lucky enough to be featured in the See Us Blipfoto book alongside children from other schools that had also worked on the project.

IMG_1884 IMG_1886

First we looked around the gallery at all the photographs and picked out our favourites. Next we enjoyed some Tunnocks Caramel Wafers and juice and looked at the See Us books. After a while Michael Russell, the cabinet secretary for Education came to present us with a copy of the book for ourselves and our school. ‘I enjoyed getting my book, my mum didn’t believe me at first!’ said Daria.  While David’s favourite part of the day was looking at all the photographs, his favourite was a photograph of a little boy dressed as a dinosaur.

By Daria & David


Amazing Things

14 Jun

IMG_1865Last week we attended a special event at Dunbarton Football Club. It was called ‘Amazing Things’ and it celebrated great learning experiences across West Dunbartonshire. We were finalists and were asked to attend to display and present  our learning during our George Wyllie Topic. We were a little apprehensive about presenting our work to the judges, but after practicing on various visitors we felt confident and managed to do a great job. We also saw lots of great work from nurseries and high schools in West Dunbartonshire and were very impressed with all the fantastic work.

By Kiaran & Abby

Eggciting News

31 May

Bella & SimonAs you may know in Kilbowie Primary,we have been in the Clydebank Post this week because of our Kilbowie Bird Cam. The blue tits, going by the name of Bella and Simon became proud parents this week. The Clydebank Post heard about the website and web cam and came to interview Mrs McManus and some pupils about the birds. We were very excited to see the birds hatching on Tuesday morning and have been following their progress all through the week on the live bird cam. Bella and Simon have been bringing lots of caterpillars for the chicks to eat. We think there are nine chicks in total.

Click here to see the Bella, Simon and the chicks live in action

Reporters: Kaitlyn and Caitlin


The chicks in their nest


 Bella feeding the chicks

Happy Birthday Petri

31 May


Take a look at Google today! Google are celebrating the birth of the inventor of the petri dish, Julius Richard Petri, who was born on May 31, 1852 with an interactive image on its home page. The image shows six petri dishes which are swabbed by a hand. Images of bacteria grow and spread in the dishes as you click on them.

Richard Petri studied medicine at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Academy for Military Physicians in Berlin and used agar, a substance made from algae, to culture bacteria. Richard Petri was not the first to use agar but he invented the standard dish in which it was done. The petri dish has allowed for the better identification of bacteria and the diseases they cause. Petri dishes have now moved from the laboratory to the class room where they are used by learners like ourselves.


Kiaran with his petri dish during our microorganisms topic

Microorganisms SNAP Project

29 May

IMG_1804On the 28th of May we visited Glasgow University to showcase our Scottish Network for Able Pupils (SNAP) project. If you have been following out posts you will know that last term we were busy working hard on our class microorganisms topic.

First we had a tour around the building and we saw a statue of a famous philosopher called Adam Smith. Alexander would like a statue named after him one day too. Later, we had a look around the graduation room and saw paintings of all the past principals of the university. Afterwards we went to a meeting room and showed our presentation, everyone enjoyed it and thought it was very interesting. It was great to meet up with other schools and see all the work that other pupils had been doing. You can see a slide show which we used as part of our presentation on our class Vimeo Channel.

We would like to thanks the SNAP team for showing us around the university and allowing us to come along and share our work. We would also like to thank the scientists from the Glasgow University Wellcome Trust Centre for Molecular Parasitology who helped bring science to life for us.

By Alex and Chloe




James Watt Watercolours

15 May

 Take a look at P7b’s beautiful watercolours inspired by James Watt.

What talented artists they are.

Take a look at some of the works they were inspired by here:

James Watt, Scottish Art

Johanna Basford Glow Project

14 May


Yesterday we took part in an exciting Glow meet over the Internet as part of a four-week project called ‘Look, Capture, Create’. Over the next four weeks we will be exploring and developing our understanding of Scottish plants and animals through art and design and science! In particular, we will be exploring the works of illustrator Johanna Basford.

 We have been learning about Johanna’s career and her works in class. We found out that she studied Printed Textiles at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design in Dundee and shortly after set up her own creative studio. In class we looked at her inky art works and were inspired to create our own ‘inky wee me’ illustrations.

 We took part in a virtual visit of Johanna’s current exhibition which is on display Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre (3 May – 21 June 2013). There was a great storyteller who created a story about one of Johanna’s pieces. We all had a good time seeing Johanna’s artwork and listening to the storyteller. We are looking forward to creating out own ‘wondertales’ inspired by Johanna’s illustrations. We can’t wait until the next Glow Meet we will get the chance to meet Johanna via Glow TV and learn about her art techniques, what inspires her designs.

Here is one of my favourite illustrations:


‘The Fox is Black’ by Johanna Basford

Take a look at more magnificent monochrome designs here:

Johanna Basford Website

Reporter & blog featured illustration: Jodie D.

Take a look at our ‘inky wee me’ gallery

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