Happy Birthday Petri

31 May


Take a look at Google today! Google are celebrating the birth of the inventor of the petri dish, Julius Richard Petri, who was born on May 31, 1852 with an interactive image on its home page. The image shows six petri dishes which are swabbed by a hand. Images of bacteria grow and spread in the dishes as you click on them.

Richard Petri studied medicine at the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Academy for Military Physicians in Berlin and used agar, a substance made from algae, to culture bacteria. Richard Petri was not the first to use agar but he invented the standard dish in which it was done. The petri dish has allowed for the better identification of bacteria and the diseases they cause. Petri dishes have now moved from the laboratory to the class room where they are used by learners like ourselves.


Kiaran with his petri dish during our microorganisms topic


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