Science Comes to School

24 Mar


We spent Science and Engineering Week this year exploring microorganisms with scientists from Glasgow University. Scientists visited us in school and told us about infectious diseases and explained the effects of these diseases on people.  We got to measure the length of a tapeworm and had the chance to swab our classroom to find out what bacteria and fungi were lurking there.  The scientists streaked our swabs onto agar plates took them away to incubate.

We were lucky to then visit Glasgow University and look around a real science laboratory, as well as learning lots of new things and meeting different scientists at various workshops. We got to look at our swabs we had taken in the classroom the previous week under microscopes. The results were not pretty, we will wash our hands more often. One of the workshops we went to was about worms! We got to see loads of different types of worms and the scientist told us more about them, don’t worry though they weren’t alive! We also went to workshops about bacteria, illnesses, Malaria and more! One of our favourites was where we made animal cells with sweeties and jelly! We got to eat them the next day, yum!

Here’s what we thought of our scientific day out:

I never want this day to end. I can’t wait to go to University”The best part was making the cells from sweeties. I even saw a real brain!’ Kaitlyn

 “I had a really great day and learnt lots of new things!” Lucy

“I really enjoyed myself, the live mosquitoes were the best!” Kyle

The best part was seeing the dead rat and the tape worm!” Kiaran

Reporters: Kaitlyn and Lucy



2 Responses to “Science Comes to School”

  1. Angela McEwan May 10, 2013 at 9:17 am #

    Kaitlyn, Lucy,
    Sounds excellent. You guys are having such a great experience in P7. Love the fact that people can’t wait to go to Uni.

    • DariaSz May 14, 2013 at 12:43 pm #

      It was fun at the Glasgow Uni we made sweet cells and when they came to our school they told as more about micro-organisms.

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