Planes, Trains and Paper Boats

5 Dec

A trip to the Wyllie Exhibition followed by a visit to the Riverside Museum. Here’s what primary seven had to say about it:

“We went to the Mitchell Library to see a George Wyllie exhibition it was really cool. The funniest exhibit was the “rock music.” I liked the rocks with headphones.” Daria S.

“I liked the palm tree made of leopard fur. It’s George Wyllie’s personal palm tree!” Sara M.

“We watched a film of George’s paper boat being launched on the Clyde and watched it travel all around the world. It was very exciting!” Ashleigh M

“I enjoyed searching for the question marks around the exhibition.” David G

“I was amazed by how many sculptures George Wyllie made and how question marks there were. My favourite sculpture is the slap and tickle machine. I had a great time at the exhibition and would love to go back.” Kiaran.

“I had great fun! I liked my camera interview it was brilliant. My favourite sculpture was the golden football boots called “twinkle toes.” Cairn

“I thought our school trip was amazing. I like seeing the Berlin Bird as we had been learning about it in class, it is very interesting and my favourite sculpture. I really like the schools’ paper boat room with all the paper boats.” Chloe

Sharing our Learning


Sam shows Mike Russell, Minister for Education a very Scottish bike. “I told Mr Russell about a piece in the museum. It was a bike made from Harris tweed, with thistles for a seat and stag antlers for handle bars. I wouldn’t like to sit on it!” Sam


Ciara acting as a gallery guide. Here she explains Wyllie’s love for locomotives to Mike Russell, Minister for Education.

“I had to act as a gallery guide and welcome and introduce Mr Russell.

I enjoyed explaining about the sculptures and walking around admiring Wyllie’s work.” Ciara


2 Responses to “Planes, Trains and Paper Boats”

  1. Angela December 6, 2012 at 9:38 am #

    What a brilliant photo album! Really captures the day, and what a day!

  2. lisa c December 18, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    Going to the Mitchell was really good and lots of fun 🙂

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