Wyllie Press Conference

1 Nov

Lisa and Kiaran attended the Wyllie press conference this morning at the Mitchell and got a sneak preview of the exhibition. Take a look at the BBC Scotland report about the exhibition at the Mitchell Library : here. The exhibition opens on Saturday 3 November and is part of the Whysman Festival dedicated to George Wyllie’s work. Stay tuned, their report on their adventures coming soon

Our Visit to the Wyllie Exhibition

On the 30th October we attended a press conference at the George Wyllie Exhibition at the Mitchell Library. We were there with other children from local schools who had taken part in the Big Little Paper Boat Project. It was interesting to meet other children who have been learning about George Wyllie and see what they had been up to in their schools. We met children who were in a eukelele club and who had learned the paper boat song and high school student who had performed their own Wyllie play. We saw paper boats of all shapes and sizes from other schools. One of the schools had a boat made of a map of their school.

We got to have a sneak preview of the exhibition. Football fan Kiaran’s favourite exhibit was he football boots that were painted gold while Lisa liked the dolphin because it looked like it was actually diving. We were interviewed by a reporter of the Times Education Scotland. We also met George Wyllie’s daughter Louise who showed us some of the fun, mechanical moving exhibits and explained why George had built them. It was a fantastic day out. We felt very inspired and are looking forward to going back next week with our class.

Reporters: Lisa C & Kiaran F


One Response to “Wyllie Press Conference”

  1. Cairn November 8, 2012 at 10:50 pm #

    Well done kiaran you did very well

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