Art Appreciation Week: George Wyllie

3 Oct

This week is Art appreciation week in Kilbowie and we have been learning all about the life and works of  George Wyllie. We have created our own George Wyllie Learning Wall. We have been adding pictures and research, poetry inspired by his paper boat sculpture and of course making our own paper boats. Paper boats are everywhere!

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We have decided to write a class collection of poems inspired by George Wyllie and publish them an e-book. A sneaky peek of some of our first drafts after Lisa’s report on George Wyllie:

George Wyllie By Lisa C.

George Wyllie was born in Shettleston, Glasgow at Hogmanay in 1921. Family and friends called him by his middle name Ralston. He decided he wanted to be and artist in his late 40s.

George Wyllie and his little brother were brought up near the shipyards. He had a happy childhood. He grew up in Craigton with his parents and his little brother called Banks.

His first job was an office boy at a shipping company. He trained to be an engineer before being in the Navy during World War II. He visited Hiroshima after the dropping of  atomic bomb and he said it had a big effect on his life.

In 1965 he went a college in Greenock to learn how to weld. Once of the first ever sculptures he sold was to Ferguson’s shipyard in Greenock.

In 1987, he created his Straw Locomotive, which he hung from the Finnieston crane in Glasgow. Later it was burned in Springburn in a Viking Style funeral.

His Paper Boat was seen by millions in 1989 as it sailed around the world from Glasgow to New York and back again. It even made the front page of the Wall Street Journal Newspaper when it made it to World Financial Center in New York in 1990.

Poetry inspired by George Wyllie’s Paper Boat Sculpture

Paper Boat

Day by day, float by float,

I wrote someone’s name on my boat,

I load my boat with flowers,

They will be carried safely until dawn,

I launched my paper boat down the Clyde like I ride my bike,

I was a welder, I was an artist,

I make them float to you,

It is my time to go, like my paper boat,

It is now your turn to shine.

By William B.

Paper Boat

As I sail my boat across the sea,

I think of the things I should be,

A sailor and artist, which one is right?

I think I should think about it more tonight.

As I lie in my bed, paper boat at my side

I think of the things I should be,

A sailor and artist, which one is right?

I think I should dream about it more tonight.

The morning is here and I’ve made up my mind,

I will make paper boats until the end of time.

 By Abby C.

Paper Boat

I watch my paper boat sailing on the pond,

Watching its gracefulness, whilst bobbing on and on,

The whiteness of my boat looks like the moon at night,

But a wind picks up, the gracefulness is gone,

Along with my boat, I sit down and mourn,

And when I go to bed tonight, no boat at my side,

I think about what the morning will bring.

By Alexander M.

Paper Boat 

Paper boat, paper boat,

You look so pretty when you float,

Down the Clyde and up the stream,

You look like a perfect dream,

Before I sailed you I painted you red,

Then put you out to dry and went to bed,

You sailed away under the stars.

By Caitlin F.

Paper Boat

When I make my paper boat,

I make it as colourful as can be,

I fold the corners to make it,

I print my name in bold letters

To prove to everyone it’s mine.

Then I go to sailing out to sea,

In the paper boat I float.

When I go home,

I look out the window to see the boats float by,

I hear the birds calling my name,

To go out and sail, so I can sail more paper boats,

I dream about paper boats every night,

I imagine being small enough to fit in my paper boat,

I am the Paper boat Queen

Yes, that is my dream.

 By Ciara K.

Wherever the Boat Goes?

Paper boats are fun to make¸ as I fold and fold into my boat,

Lots of people watch, they would try to make and would turn out perfect,

Right and left my boat flows, being free wherever it goes,

As there out of my sight, I send another,

And watch them all float away

By Jodie D.


6 Responses to “Art Appreciation Week: George Wyllie”

  1. Jan Patience October 5, 2012 at 11:35 am #

    Hi P7b, I’m Jan Patience, the chair of Friends of George Wyllie and also a journalist. I think your Wyllie Wall is just fantastic. I enjoyed reading the poems very much and so did George’s daughter, Louise. Wonderful work

    • P7b October 9, 2012 at 10:07 am #

      Hello Jan, thank you for your lovely comments. We are very glad you liked our poems and we are happy that you and Louise liked them! We are writing an e-book collection of poems inspired by George’s work. We will put a link to it on our blog very soon. 🙂

  2. laurak October 9, 2012 at 10:17 am #

    I love the poems they are great.

  3. Abby C October 9, 2012 at 10:17 am #

    I loved learning about George Wyllie it was so fun. He made such amazing things and really inspired me.

    • Jodie C October 9, 2012 at 10:21 am #

      Great work i ❤ doing ww2 ❤ 😉 😀

  4. caitlin f October 9, 2012 at 10:21 am #

    Writing the poems was great, it was really fun 🙂

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