Primary Apprentices

15 Jun

Today we were pretending to be Primary Apprentices. We got together in groups, appointed a project manager and created a company name and logo. Our task to think up, create and market a new product. We came up with billboard  and magazine advertisements , radio and tv adverts and jingles. We interviewed some of the class to find out what they had been up to.

Clean Teeth Company: interview with Ryan P

Hannah: “What was your product?”

Ryan: “My product was the Smile Kit .”

Hannah: “What is in the Smile Kit?”

Ryan: “In the Smile Kit there is a mini electric Tooth brush , a mini mouthwash and mint toothpaste.”

Hannah: “Who are you marketing it to?”

Ryan: “People who go on holiday’s mostly. It is handy for your hand luggage especially as now you are only allowed to carry small amounts of liquids”

DM (Drink Makers) Company: interview with Hannah RRyan: “What is your product ? “

Hannah: “My product is called Fruit Fizz .”

Ryan: “What is in the fruit fizz? “

Hannah: “A selction of Strawberry,Cherry,Mango,Banana and Kiwi juice all mixed up in one bottle.”

Health 4 Kidz Company: interview with Niamh P

Ryan: “What is your product.?”

Niamh: “It’s a spray that you spray on your vegetables to make them taste nicer so more children eat them.”

Ryan: “What is your product called?”

Niamh: “It is called Veglicious.”

Ryan: “Does it make your vegetables change colour? “

Niamh: “No, it just makes them taste like sweets, but it’s completely healthy!”

Super Cereal Company: interview with Justine L

Hannah: “What is your product?”

 Justine: “It’s a tasty Cereal.”

Hannah: “What it called?”

Justine: “It is called Crazy Pops.”

Hannah: “Do you get any free gifts with your cereal?”

Justine: “Yes, we have a free pack of  cards and tickets to collect for O2 concerts.”

The Beats Cereal Company: interview with Lewis M

Hannah: “What is your company called?”

Lewis: “The Beats”

Hannah: “What’s your product called?”

Lewis: “Rossome & Awesome Snaps”

Hannah: “What is your chosen market?”

Lewis: ” We are recommending it for children.”

We really enjoyed designing our own products and coming up with advertising campaigns.

We learned a lot about team work too!

Reporters: Ryan P & Hannah R


3 Responses to “Primary Apprentices”

  1. hannah June 15, 2012 at 12:21 pm #

    it was great fun 🙂

  2. justine June 15, 2012 at 6:41 pm #

    i realy enjoyed it 🙂

  3. Sophie (High Lawn) June 16, 2012 at 8:10 am #

    WOW! It sound like you had great fun in your lesson! Are class are doing sothing along the lines as you iun french we are making a theme park in groups but it has to be in french and at the end Mrs lees and mr David (are french teachers) and they have to chose the best park after. Did you do it were the aperentice said ‘your fired’? or did you just not have a winner?
    From sophie

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