Kodu Transition Project

9 May

This week we have been having great fun designing out own computer games. We have learned how to build creative virtual worlds, designed games with rules and learned how to control characters. We have played each others’ games and worked together sharing ideas, solving problems and helping each other on our games. Playing and creating the games has inspired us to do some fantastic writing, we have been taking notes during the game making process, creating character  and setting descriptions as well as writing intriguing backstories for our game. We also customised our transition jotters with our Kodu game characters. All this in two days and we’ve had time to do maths, French and karate. Miss Garcia thinks we’re amazing.

The plan is to take our games to the High School next week when we go for the start of our transition visits.  We will then form marketing companies with our new friends with the aim of marketing our computer games. We will be learning how to create websites and podcasts to market our games, write game reviews and information leaflets as well as explore finance, event planning and hospitality for our parents’ event . In maths, we will taking part in an all new Kodu Olympics maths challenge. The project ends with our big parents’ event where we showcase all our project work. We are looking forward to it already!

Some of our work so far…



2 Responses to “Kodu Transition Project”

  1. skye May 22, 2012 at 10:22 am #

    All the pics are great well done everyone who drew them.

  2. Ryan.p. and Louis.s. June 15, 2012 at 10:40 am #

    I am sure Miss Garcia is correct! Your games sound outstanding, High Lawn is also working with Kodu game lab! However, your super blog has given me some ideas, which I`m sure our school would love to hear about. I cant wait to see what else you will put on this amazing blog!

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