Kidnapped: Forensics Fun

7 Dec

This week we have been very busy in the P7a Special Incident Room. So far we have completed a number of training programmes and mission assignments which have helped us to narrow down our suspects to four people. We have been fully trained in forensics and have been exploring the way forensic scientists gather evidence. Highlights have included looking at ‘beasties’ under the microscope and comparing human and animal hair. See if you can guess the correct type of hair cuticles from the picture (answers below).

 a           b              c                    d

We have also been learning about acids and alkalis, the pH scale and exploring chemical reactions. Our brains are full with new scientific knowledge. Check back soon to read some of our science reports.

Answers to hair-raising quiz: a) human, b) cat, c) dog, d) mouse.

Enjoyed working the forensic lab this week? Here is an extra mission for you: Solids Liquids and Gases



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