Theatre Review: The Isle of Egg

20 Sep

“The Isle of Egg is an ecological fable inspired by Eigg, the beautiful, self-sustainable island off the west coast of Scotland.

Their story is an important one – due to the remoteness of their island, getting electricity in their homes was never easy.  A lot of what mainland homes have had for years and perhaps taken for granted, Eigg homes never had. After a successful community buy out and a few good decisions made by the islanders, Eigg Electric was switched on in 2008 – and now see’s homes all over the island powered by the sun, wind and waves

Eigg’s people are just like you and me, and their achievements a great inspiration for communities all over the world.  Their message is simple and strong – anyone can be a ‘green island’; you don’t have to be surrounded by water. A ‘green island’ could be a tower block, a classroom, a school or a street of people getting together to make a few small changes to the way they do things.  By working together, change can happen.

The play communicates their story through the guise of a magical island called ‘Egg’.  Through thought-provoking, interactive storytelling, some eco gadgets, humorous characters and live music, Eco Drama brings to life a fun and uplifting story about climate change, positive thinking and the power of community spirit.”

“It was very funny, interactive and educational. We learned that we should save more energy and that if we don’t life as we know it could change forever. We learned about the dangers of global warming and about alternative energies such as wind, water and solar power. We also learned about renewable fuels. Even the theatre company’s van is run on oil that once fried fish suppers! Amazing stuff, we learned a lot!”

Eco Committee Members: Lewis M &  Robert McD, P7a.

For more information or if you want them to visit your school:


One Response to “Theatre Review: The Isle of Egg”

  1. justine October 6, 2011 at 8:57 pm #

    it was sooooooooooooooooooo funny !!!

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