Tree Poetry

28 Jun

Our budding young poets get inspired by nature. Here is a wee taster of some of our poetry…

A Tree

I watch you sway gaily in the breeze,

So tall, so proud,

You smell fresh like freshly cut grass,

The old tattered rope falls lazily from an old branch,

A leave falls gently to the green grass,

I look more closely,

The distinct pattern is amazing,

Your jagged edges could cut glass,

I think of all the things that the tree has seen,

If only trees could talk.

By Niamh.

Protect the Leaves

Leaves, the sole lifeblood of a tree,

They are the food gatherers, the friends, the families.

They give us life by photosynthesis creating air from CO2.

They protect us,

Which is why we should protect them.

By Lewis M.

The Leaf

It’s fresh and minty,

It rustles like crazy,

It’s bumpy and leathery,

It’s shaped like a tear drop,

It  gives you oxygen.

By Lewis McG.

The Tree

Your big, brown bark is so beautiful,

You have pretty leaves and nice branches,

This is the end of me and you,

I cannot climb you anymore,

as I have grown up.

By Cameron McG.


Your bark is rough to touch,

Your leaves are beautiful, as beautiful as the sun,

You grow stronger and stronger every year,

You are very fresh, fresher than the air.

By Lewis N.


Lot’s of leaves


Around the world

Far away

By  Jack M.


Trees give you air,

They can be big and sometimes small,

They are a part of nature,

and are beautiful.

By Douglas C.

Our Tree

This tree is 83,

It’s leaves are very crunchy,

The tree is still standing,

It grows horse chesnuts,

It has  watched the Kilbowie family grow all these years.

By Justine.

Tree Poem


It smells like a sunshine in the sky,

The sound of it’s leaves is like eating a crunchie!


By Lewis S.


One Response to “Tree Poetry”

  1. megan September 20, 2011 at 10:47 am #

    i loved doing the tree poems it was really fun i want to do it again

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