Movie Making Teams

14 Jun

Day 2 on set at P6a studios! Movie Monsters finished shooting their film today and the rest of our movie makers added the finishing touches to the their sets, made props and rehearsed. There has been some excellent team work, everyone working hard and remembering: together everyone achieves more. Go teams!

If you are enjoying our class film project and want to learn more why don’t you check out this great website all about film. It features lots of fun activities including a stop frame animator which lets you make your own stop frame animations!


One Response to “Movie Making Teams”

  1. Charlotte-Louise June 15, 2011 at 6:19 pm #

    I am Emily’s sister who is in Primary 7 and I am called Charlotte-Louise. Emily presented me with the website on the laptop screen and I looked at it in amazement. I couldn’t believe that an excellent P6 class in my own school, finally created a website explaining what they did in all of the normal every day subjects. I am SO jealous of the class!

    Well done to everyone as they are all part of the process to make a fabulous looking website.

    From Charlotte-Louise x

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