V.I.B Project

8 Jun

This week Primary 6 are budding film directors! We have just started the V.I.B (Very Important Bear) project in which we will be exploring the history of cinema and animation and learning how to film, edit and produce our own films.
Steven Spielberg watch out! We have formed five film companies in our class and our busy decorating our studios. The five companies are: ‘Movie Making Mayhem’, ‘Awesome Actors’, ‘Movie Monsters’, ‘Hollywod Crew’ and ‘Make a Movie.com’.

The project started when a mysterious parcel arrived in school (all the way from Hollywood!). Inside we found two fame hungry bears: Buddy and Holly who have travelled all the way to Scotland to become famous. We have 3 weeks to make them famous bears, starring in their own films. It’s a tough challenge, but we are up to it.

Watch out for Buddy and Holly around the school, they are currently on a tour of Scotland with P6a. We will keep you posted with their awesome adventures.

In the meantime, here is a sneaky peek into our film studios…


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